Legal and illegal tricks in Fortnite

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Winning Fortnite is a challenge and the goal of many video game fans in all parts of the world. It may seem simple, but it really isn’t. To be the winner, you have to face another 99 players, eliminate them and be the last one standing.

For novice players it can be a true nightmare, since they are usually easily eliminated by the most expert, which is why many seek different alternatives, whether legal or illegal.

Fortnite has captured millions of players worldwide and the competition is stronger every day, so winning seems to be an unattainable dream for some players, who feel discouraged and tired of losing.

Some do not give up and spend much of their time practicing in order to develop their own skills over time. However, there are others who do not have so much patience and decide to use the so-called hacks to get a clear advantage over others and to move forward in the game.

Fortnite Aimbot, for example, allows a player with little experience to eliminate an expert without much effort.

Illegal tricks or hacks

In the world of videogames the term hack is very common, which refers to illegal tricks that some players use to have an advantage over others.

These tricks are programs developed by hackers, which basically consist of the modification of the original code of the game, so that by executing it at the same time as this one, the characters can perform extraordinary actions such as seeing through the walls or moving to higher speed

Among these tricks highlights the Fortnite Aimbot whose power is lethal as it quickly eliminates enemies without being an expert player. With this hack a perfect aim is achieved which clearly is a great advantage.

But as it offers a great advantage, Fortnite Aimbot has been the cause of the permanent suspension of many accounts since its use is not allowed, on the contrary it is penalized.

The game designers in each update incorporate improved security mechanisms to detect the use of these tricks. While it is true, that some manage to pass the safety barrier, they are also reported by the other players who usually realize when a competitor is using Fortnite Aimbot.

Legal tricks

Instead of risking losing your account and all the advances that have been achieved by using a Fortnite Aimbot, it is more convenient to apply other types of tricks based on actions allowed within the game.

These tricks are rather tips that the players themselves have discovered that work throughout their experience. Many share them in tutorial videos, in post or in forums, as a contribution to the community.

Among these tips are those related to weapons. Instead of choosing the most powerful one, it is preferable to select the one that is best used. It seems logical, but many players tend to forget it and decide for the most powerful, even if they do not dominate it well, making the weapon instead of being their ally become an obstacle to winning. In addition to the weapon do not forget the explosives and in general, keep the inventory as complete as possible.

On the other hand, looking at the trail left by the enemies is important to be able to locate them more quickly and attack them by surprise.

Staying informed about changes in the map is essential as well as knowing from the basic movements to the most complex.

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