Hackers in Fortnite [ 2019 ]

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Played by millions of people around the world, Fortnite is undoubtedly a phenomenon of video games. Shortly after the release of its first version Save The World, it surpassed one million sales.

Months later the second version is released: Fortnite Battle Royale, becoming the most popular videogame in all history recording a profit of more than 100 million dollars at the end of the year.

It is a free distribution game where 100 competitors face an island landing where they must find weapons, equipment, build shelters and eliminate all other players since the winner is the last one left alive.

It offers an attractive design, different scenarios and characters with certain features of cartoons that perform funny movements, including some dances that have become a trend and can be seen both in school playgrounds and at parties.

Almost two years after its launch, it has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to the effort of the developers who constantly incorporate new elements, challenges and seasons that catch the attention of the players making it practically impossible to tire of it.

As often happens when a video game becomes very popular, the competition is very strong and many players make use of the famous hacks. The hacks are small programs that allow actions that otherwise would be impossible.

This gives some advantage to those who use them and therefore are considered cheating. Both players and developers take action in this regard, the former report suspects to use them and the latter suspend accounts both temporarily and for life.

But the truth is that they are used frequently and by almost all players (although many do not recognize) either in competitions between friends, in small tournaments and even have seen cases in international meetings.

The question that should be asked is why do players use them if they run the risk of being expelled from the competition, suspended for several years and lose their reputation?

The arguments are several, the beginners say that if they do not use them they would not have the slightest chance to advance in the competition given that in many occasions expert players dominate it.

Others say that they only use them while they are acquiring skills and that the intention is that and not to cheat as many others see it.

However, there are players who seem obsessed with being the winners and use this type of resources to reach the best positions, fame and of course win whatever the cost.

When the game is between friends, the use of hacks is mostly a kind of mischief and the truth is of no importance.

Aim, hit and eliminate your enemies

Obviously, one of the skills that must be had in shooting games in the first person is knowing how to shoot. Depending on the levels of difficulty of the game, this is not so easy, much less if you are a rookie.

If we add that in online games you compete with all kinds of players, it can become a real headache to get out alive and eliminate opponents.

It is for this reason that one of the hacks most used and at the same time feared are the aimbots. With these you get hit every time you shoot and kill the enemies without much effort.

When aimbot is used it is possible to achieve a perfect aim, the shots usually go directly to the head of the opponent without it being able to anticipate.

This characteristic of the aimbots although it clearly represents an advantage must be taken care of because it raises suspicions among the other players that can report the account.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the aimbot with discretion, that is, activate and deactivate it several times in such a way that the behavior of the character looks natural, since it is very difficult for a player, however expert, to hit 100% of his shots .

To get an aimbot for Fortnite, we must take into account that there are different types of hacks, those that are for public use, that is, that can be downloaded for free and those for private use that must be purchased through a subscription.

Those for public use do not always turn out to be what players expect, since they often do not work and their true intention is only to obtain economic benefits with advertising or obtain data from players to send unwanted messages that are usually promotions. and more publicity.

On the other hand, those for private use usually offer a free trial period after which the subscription must be paid to continue enjoying the aimbot.

These types of hacks are more reliable and ensure that they can not be detected by the security mechanisms that incorporate video games.

Another important point to consider regarding the aimbots is that Fortnite is a multiplatform game so you have to find the one that corresponds to the one used.

In short, the aimbots in Fortnite are widely used but condemned resources. For some its use is fully justified before the difference between expert and novice players, for others it is cheating and it is something that should not be allowed since in addition to using external resources to gain advantage over others, the competition is damaged.

Due to the use of the aimbots as well as other hacks the creators of videogames have reported great losses and many international competitions have been ruined.

If you are going to use aimbot in Fortnite you have to know when to do it and how often. A discreet use does not have major consequences, the player avoids being sanctioned and the atmosphere of the game is not affected so much.

It is advisable to use it when it is truly necessary and not depend solely on it to win, it is also important to worry about practicing, improving and acquiring skills within the game.

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