Fortnite the favorite target of hackers

Fortnite Hacks 9

Fortnite the favorite target of hackers

Fortnite Hacks 9
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Millions of people around the world play Fortnite. Since its launch in 2017 until today it has not lost popularity, on the contrary, more and more fans are added that face each other to take the glory of being the winner.

For those who have experience in this type of games, it may be easier to move forward in the competition, but for those who are just beginning it seems to be an impossible mission.

Remember that Fortnite faces 100 players who land on an island where they must find weapons and different objects that are useful to survive on the ground. The last one standing wins, which means that to win the victory it is necessary to eliminate 99 competitors.

As the games progress, the space of the game is reduced, so confrontations increase and are inevitable. To avoid being eliminated quickly you must be agile, know how to shoot and also work as a team.

That said, it might seem simple but it really isn’t, especially for newbies who are dominated by the most expert. Undoubtedly, the experience is essential and is only gained over time and many hours of practice.

Fortnite Aimbot a resource for many

In the world of video games the term hack is widely handled. Some use them only at certain times while for others it is customary to do so. Fortnite Aimbot is the most famous, sought after and also feared hack given the great damage it causes to the enemy.

A Fortnite Aimbot is a small program or application that has resulted from the modification of the original game code and has been developed by so-called hackers. As it is easy to imagine, they are illegal.

These programs run at the same time as the game and allow actions that give a great advantage. In the case of Fortnite Aimbot, the aim is perfect and hits the target every time it is fired.

Facing a player who uses this type of trick means losing without any chance to defend himself, even if he is an expert player.

That said, it is not necessary to explain why many use it despite the risk of account suspension. To use Fortnite Aimbot is to cheat, it causes great losses to the creators of the game and also damages the competition, since nobody likes to play with cheats.

However, in honor of the truth, it must be said that there are few who use it either rarely or on a recurring basis.

What does Fortnite Aimbot do?

When talking about Fortnite Aimbot, reference is made to the program that allows you to aim at the opponents and shoot automatically. In this way the player improves his aim and always hits.

Initially the Fortnite Aimbot was firing straight in the head so it was very easy to detect it. With the passage of time it has been modified so that it does not always point to the same place, however it is still possible to detect it by the high percentage of successes and by the trajectory of the bullet that can reach the target by making curves.

It is clear that with this hack not a single bullet is wasted and ends with the enemies without making any effort. Currently, different Fortnite Aimbot offers that include other functions and that also promise to be undetectable by the game’s security systems can be found on the net.

Although it is really tempting to use this trick, it is better not to do it, besides that it is to play with a trap and be very frowned upon in the community, it can even cause the account to be permanently blocked.

Legal and illegal tricks in Fortnite

Fortnite Hacks 8

Legal and illegal tricks in Fortnite

Fortnite Hacks 8
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Winning Fortnite is a challenge and the goal of many video game fans in all parts of the world. It may seem simple, but it really isn’t. To be the winner, you have to face another 99 players, eliminate them and be the last one standing.

For novice players it can be a true nightmare, since they are usually easily eliminated by the most expert, which is why many seek different alternatives, whether legal or illegal.

Fortnite has captured millions of players worldwide and the competition is stronger every day, so winning seems to be an unattainable dream for some players, who feel discouraged and tired of losing.

Some do not give up and spend much of their time practicing in order to develop their own skills over time. However, there are others who do not have so much patience and decide to use the so-called hacks to get a clear advantage over others and to move forward in the game.

Fortnite Aimbot, for example, allows a player with little experience to eliminate an expert without much effort.

Illegal tricks or hacks

In the world of videogames the term hack is very common, which refers to illegal tricks that some players use to have an advantage over others.

These tricks are programs developed by hackers, which basically consist of the modification of the original code of the game, so that by executing it at the same time as this one, the characters can perform extraordinary actions such as seeing through the walls or moving to higher speed

Among these tricks highlights the Fortnite Aimbot whose power is lethal as it quickly eliminates enemies without being an expert player. With this hack a perfect aim is achieved which clearly is a great advantage.

But as it offers a great advantage, Fortnite Aimbot has been the cause of the permanent suspension of many accounts since its use is not allowed, on the contrary it is penalized.

The game designers in each update incorporate improved security mechanisms to detect the use of these tricks. While it is true, that some manage to pass the safety barrier, they are also reported by the other players who usually realize when a competitor is using Fortnite Aimbot.

Legal tricks

Instead of risking losing your account and all the advances that have been achieved by using a Fortnite Aimbot, it is more convenient to apply other types of tricks based on actions allowed within the game.

These tricks are rather tips that the players themselves have discovered that work throughout their experience. Many share them in tutorial videos, in post or in forums, as a contribution to the community.

Among these tips are those related to weapons. Instead of choosing the most powerful one, it is preferable to select the one that is best used. It seems logical, but many players tend to forget it and decide for the most powerful, even if they do not dominate it well, making the weapon instead of being their ally become an obstacle to winning. In addition to the weapon do not forget the explosives and in general, keep the inventory as complete as possible.

On the other hand, looking at the trail left by the enemies is important to be able to locate them more quickly and attack them by surprise.

Staying informed about changes in the map is essential as well as knowing from the basic movements to the most complex.

Fortnite Aimbot What is it, what is it for and where is it obtained?

Fortnite Hacks 7

Fortnite Aimbot What is it, what is it for and where is it obtained?

Fortnite Hacks 7
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Fortnite is a shooting video game in which construction and teamwork skills are also used. It is one of the most famous developments in the world of video games that just a few weeks after its launch already had millions of players around the world.

Fortnite has managed to stay in the first levels of popularity due to its striking design, its fun characters and most importantly its constant evolution. The seasons of Fortnite and its Live Events keep fans in expectation and do not allow them to get tired of the game.

If the above is added that it is free access and that it is available for different platforms, we find part of the reasons why it is the favorite of many and has maintained its position of honor over time.

Like any game that reaches a certain level of popularity, Fortnite became the target of hackers, who did not waste time to get to work and develop loved ones but at the same time hated hacks like the dreaded Fortnite Aimbot.

What is Fortnite Aimbot and what is it for?

Fortnite Aimbot is a hack, that is, a program that runs at the same time as the game and allows the characters to perform extraordinarily. The hacks are nothing other than the alteration of the original code of the game so that in this one you can execute actions that would not be possible if it was not modified.

The Fortnite Aimbot is one of the most sought and used hacks due to the damage it causes to the enemy. With this hack you get a perfect aim, hitting every time you shoot without wasting a single bullet.

That said, it is not necessary to explain why it is one of the favorite hacks and the advantage you get when using it. Despite being one of the most effective, it is also one of the easiest to detect, so there is a risk of account banning.

Some Fortnite Aimbot manage to overcome the security systems incorporated in the game, however, the character’s behavior and his high percentage of successes is so noticeable that he immediately raises the suspicions of the other players, who report the account, which surely ends up being blocked up.

This hack can be found in packages that include other tricks such as the Wallhack that allows you to see through the walls and functions that prevent the recoil of weapons when firing and the incorporation of rapid fire.

Where to get Fortnite Aimbot?

Making use of Fortnite Aimbot is wrong, is to play with a trap and means to gain an unfair advantage over the teammates. Even so and knowing that it is also very likely that the account is suspended, there are few who decide to use it.

Getting a Fortnite Aimbot is not difficult, there are many sites that offer the best packages some can even be used for free during a trial period. But as it is very easy to achieve, it must be said that not all work as promised, in fact some end up being a fraud either because they do not fulfill the promised functions or because they are detected almost immediately.

On the other hand, the risk that contains malicious software is high, this has been evidenced in recent cases where not only the computer is infected but it is also a victim of the theft of personal data with the purpose of executing fraud.

In short, it is advisable to practice to improve the game and dispense with the use of such tricks that really end up bringing more problems than benefits.

Fortnite Aimbot, advantage or disadvantage?

Fortnite Hacks 6

Fortnite Aimbot, advantage or disadvantage?

Fortnite Hacks 6
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Since Fortnite hit the market, it revolutionized the world of videogames by capturing millions of players worldwide while maintaining its popularity over time.

Its striking and creative design as well as the incorporation of humor elements are some of the reasons why it is the favorite of many especially the youngest. To the above, we must add that it is available for several platforms and that it is free to access. In addition, despite being a shooting game, you will not find bloody scenes and excessive violence.

As usually happens when a game reaches such popularity and the level of competition is very strong players look for different ways to win, either using tricks like the famous Fortnite Aimbot or investing many hours of their time practicing and developing their own skills.

Although his approach is very similar to other games, Fortnite draws attention to how addictive this is of concern to many parents. If a healthy balance is maintained between play and other activities, far from being a problem, it contributes to developing the ability to work in teams and strategic planning skills.

Fortnite hacks

We had already commented that when a game becomes very popular, of course, everyone wants to win and some use resources that, although not legal, are quite popular.

These resources are none other than the so-called hacks, applications developed by people outside the game that modify their original code to allow those who use them to perform actions that are not normally possible. For example, with Fortnite Aimbot it is possible to hit the target every time it is fired, which in a Fortnite-style game means beating opponents without much effort.

The Fortnite Aimbot is one of the most sought-after tricks, however there are others that also allow executing actions that are very useful to win the games, such as seeing through the walls, moving faster or getting free virtual money to improve the characters .

To get these tricks just do a search on the internet, instantly appear many options. Some are paid, others can be obtained for free. While it is true that there are many offers, not all of them work as promised, so if you decide to use a Fortnite Aimbot or any other hack, it is well worth taking some time to evaluate your reputation and the experience of other users.

Using Fortnite Aimbot is it really convenient?

The answer to this question will depend on the glass with which you look. Some rookie players could say yes, since the games are usually dominated by the most expert who quickly eliminate them.

Now, the truth is that using Fortnite Aimbot or any other hack is cheating so it is very badly seen by both the creators of the game and the other competitors.

Using Fortnite Aimbot although it allows you to eliminate enemies easily is also easily detected causing the account to be temporarily or permanently blocked.

The creators of the game take the fight against hacks very seriously by constantly incorporating security systems. On the other hand, the players themselves become vigilant and when they detect an unusual behavior, they report the account to be reviewed and probably blocked.

So, before making use of this type of tricks, it is better to think about it well since not only can you lose everything that has been achieved but you also earn a very bad reputation and being honest to win by cheating is not fun at all.

Fortnite advances and the aimbot too

Fortnite Hacks 5

Fortnite advances and the aimbot too

Fortnite Hacks 5
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From its launch until today Fortnite can boast of being the number one shooting game, although it has had very close strong competitors still retaining its position of honor.

And is that Fortnite is much more than a group of competitors shooting incessantly. This is a whole story that has evolved over time and has been incorporating elements that keep players in expectation.

In other words, Fortnite has two aspects, one is the story of Saving the World, where survivors of a devastating storm must face a lot of monsters. It is the paid version of the game.

The other side and the most popular is the Battle Royale that can be obtained for free and in it 100 players face each other. Fortnite Battle Royale has sequences, events and changes that have made it an adventure.

 But after the immediate success of the game, the hackers got to work, so the less skilled players eager to win make use of the illegal tricks especially of the famous Fortnite Aimbot.

Evolution of the game and its hacks

The game begins in its beta phase and with little content, available for several platforms. However, its second and third season do not introduce many changes since what was sought was to stabilize the game and expand its content.

From the third season, the so-called Live Events that take place on a specific day and that in order to live them must be playing at the time they happen. Since then, the game has become much more exciting since things happen every season that change the course of history and require many more skills to move forward.

Now, the hacks, especially the Fortnite Aimbot, have been present since the beginning of the game and have been evolving almost at the same pace as him, to adapt to his changes and also overcome the increasingly sophisticated security systems.

The Fortnite Aimbot as it is well known, allows to achieve a perfect aim with which it is possible to eliminate the opposites quickly. In the beginning this hack only pointed directly at the head, so it was easily detected.

With the passage of time, this has been modified to avoid not only the security mechanisms of the game but also reduce the suspicions of the other players. However, its use can still be detected by looking at the trajectory of the bullets that usually describe a curve.

To date Fortnite reaches its tenth season, evidencing many changes since its inception, but the problem of Fortnite Aimbot and other hacks still haunts it, which many players use and that jeopardize the reputation of the game in addition to causing great economic losses.

Using Fortnite Aimbot may be more dangerous than you think

The clear advantage that is had when using Fortnite Aimbot makes many players decide to take the risk of being banned and lose all the advances they have achieved so far.

In addition to this, for players who already have a certain reputation, being discovered using any hack means losing it even if they have not had the habit of using them.

But beyond this, there is an even greater risk and is related to the security of personal data and information of the user, since many of these hacks include viruses that not only affect the equipment but also obtain personal data of the user exposing it To be a victim of fraud.

Why do everyone play Fortnite?

Fortnite Hacks 3

Why do everyone play Fortnite?

Fortnite Hacks 3
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Since its launch in 2017 until today, the Epic Games video game has managed to reach amazing numbers of players around the world.

Just two weeks after being presented to the public had more than 10 million followers, currently the amount exceeds 40, becoming one of the most successful video games in history.

Fortnite is an action and construction game. Its Battle Royale version is the most popular and it is a competition in which one hundred players participate, with the last one remaining standing.

Players are thrown from an airplane to an island where they must collect different types of weapons to be able to deal with their opponents as well as materials to build places to hide and protect themselves from enemies.

When the game is over, the area where the players are is reduced so they must be closer and closer, which forces them to face the other competitors until finally only one is left alive.

Originally it was a survival game for four players that developed in a post-apocalyptic world. After the success obtained by PUBG, another video game where many more players faced each other at the same time in a bloody battle to survive, the creators of Fortnite decided to follow suit and launch a new version of the game that had a similar design.

This is how Fortnite Battle Royale was born, surpassing all expectations.

The favorite of the boys

Fortnite managed to reach out to all types of audiences but especially among children and young people. The reasons can be many, including the fact that it can be obtained for free, has a striking design, fun and even incorporates elements that bring a bit of humor.

The characters of the game can make a series of funny movements during the games and even one of the dances they do has crossed the border of the consoles and it is common to see it in the real world.

Although it is a shooting game, it does not have bloody elements, it is also found in an unrealistic environment that is not really threatening.

Like many other videogames, it allows the development of strategic planning capacity and favors teamwork. However, some people think that despite not presenting a totally explicit violence, is present in the game, which obviously can worry many parents.

Addicted to Fortnite

But beyond what refers to the violent aspects of the game, what is most striking is how addictive it is as well as the fact that every day increases the number of people who play around the world.

When we talk about addiction, no reference is made to the taste for the game, but to those cases in which, due to it, the rest of the daily activities are neglected and the behavior is affected.

Both children and young people and adults can suffer from this type of addiction, so it is necessary to establish certain controls especially in the case of the youngest.

There is nothing wrong with spending time entertaining with the video game, but when it is the only thing that you want to do, we are then in the presence of a problem.

What does Fortnite have that holds so much?

This is the question asked by most people who have not played it and that many of the fans themselves do not know how to answer clearly.

However, we will try to discover the mystery, reviewing some of its characteristics.

The game unfolds in a constantly changing world, that is, new features are added regularly, which generates great expectations for the players, who get clues about them but must continue playing in order to discover them.

It perfectly combines elements of construction games with those of action, which is why it is more entertaining.

The duration of the games is not very long, so far from getting tired or bored, players crave the next to demonstrate their abilities as well as to have the possibility to learn new tricks and put them into practice.

Another feature that keeps players engaged is the existence of levels. Upgrading represents a challenge for competitors who, in doing so, receive a reward.

You can play on-line what adds excitement to the games. On the other hand, these games are recorded with the possibility of publishing them later.

The high level of competitiveness that arises is without a doubt a reason for players to get hooked with the game.

If we add to all the above the fact that it can be obtained completely free of charge, we can give an idea of why it has managed to be one of the most successful games.

One of the latest Fortnite releases is an example of what the game developers do to keep their fans entertained and maintain their popularity.

In relation to the world premiere of the famous and long awaited film of the heroes of Marvel, Epic Games announced that in season 8 content of the film Advengers Endgame is included.

This is not the first time that the creators of Fortnite do something like this. In 2018, in a limited time event one of the players appeared as Thanos, being more powerful than the rest.

If this player was eliminated, the gauntlet was left on the ground and the powers were transferred to whoever picked it up.

These types of actions undoubtedly contribute to Fortnite having a large number of fans who remain committed to the game almost two years after its launch.

Far from losing popularity, is still on everyone’s lips and to be honest it is hard to imagine that in the near future that may happen.

Currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobile devices.

Play Fortnite with aimbot (2019)

Play Fortnite Aimbot

Play Fortnite with aimbot

Play Fortnite Aimbot
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Being eliminated again and again without even having the opportunity to advance a level, is something really frustrating for those players who do not have as much experience as others.

While they say that practice makes the teacher, how can you practice if it lasts only a few minutes in the game? The answer that many will give will surely be to have patience and perseverance.

That’s true, nobody is able to deny that with time and effort you can achieve great things, but for video game fans to wait while everyone else advances and has fun is sometimes very difficult. And much less if it is a game as famous and exciting as Fortnite.

Everyone plays, everyone wants to win.

Fortnite since 2017, the year of its launch, revolutionized the world of video games by surprising its own creators who, while expecting to be successful with their new product, surely did not expect it to be so much and especially so fast.

The first version of the game called Save The World a few days after it was presented to the public managed to surpass one million sales. This already represented a great success, but what was to come was much better.

Fortnite Battle Royale, the second version presented that same year, broke all records reaching to conquer millions of people around the world.

Despite being free distribution has generated its creators great profits. As the game progresses, participants have the option to buy better weapons and different objects to increase their performance.

These objects can be obtained with virtual or real money. Although the cost is not very significant for a person, multiplied by millions, it undoubtedly represents an important sum.

Recall that Fortnite is a first-person shooter where 100 players compete against each other to be the last one alive. The game takes place on an island where they must locate the weapons that are distributed in different areas, as well as other objects and construction materials to build buildings that serve as a refuge to protect themselves from enemies.

It has a colorful and fun design, as well as characters that dance and make funny gestures during the game, which is why it is the favorite game of many children and young people.

But not only have they been trapped with Fortnite, adults have also fallen into temptation and enjoy this exciting game.

Tricks for those who do not want to be left behind

Returning to what was mentioned at the beginning, with such competition it is very common for the less experienced to stay a bit behind while they manage to improve their skills.

For them, hacks are a useful alternative. It is a software that allows the characters of the game to perform actions that professional players would not achieve.

Hacks are often used in video games although they are not well seen by the community and much less by the developers. Using them may cause the suspension of the account and the denial of participation in tournaments for some time.

For many, it is well worth the risk since the advantages that are obtained are many and the possibility of advancing, high.

Within the hacks, the one that perhaps has more demand is the aimbot, specially designed for shooting games. Its objective is to fine-tune the aim so that everyone goes straight to the opponent’s head, eliminating it quickly and effortlessly.

While it is true that it is one of the most effective hacks to achieve a privileged position with respect to other competitors, it has the disadvantage that it is easy to detect not only the security systems of video games but also the behavior of the character.

The fact that a player hits all the shots raises suspicions and are usually reported to be blocked the account if you check that they use aimbot.

For this reason, the smartest thing to do is to alternate between activating and deactivating it in such a way that it goes unnoticed, that is to say, to guess sometimes and sometimes not.

If you are going to play Fortnite using this hack, the best thing is discretion, knowing what kind of skills to use and how often.

The experience of other players has made this clear. There are few who have been expelled and also suspended from international competitions for several years for having been discovered using aimbot.

In addition to the sanctions, the reputation you have as you expect will be seriously injured, which for high-level players is a very bad thing.

How to get aimbot for Fortnite

Many are the offers that exist today of aimbots for Fortnite. You can get both free of charge and paying.

Both options offer to be undetectable and work without any problem fulfilling what was promised, that is, to guess all the shots, without wasting bullets and regardless of the distance.

Since Fortnite is available for different operating systems it is important to check if it is the one that corresponds to the platform used, especially if it is PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Swicth.

To learn how to use the aimbot in Fortnite you can search for tutorial videos on the internet, participate in forums and review the comments of other players. Of course, we must bear in mind that the aimbots for many is an offense to the game and the rest of the participants, therefore it is necessary to see well where it is consulted and to whom.

Another important precaution is regarding the security of both the equipment and personal data, since cases of aimbots that contain malicious code that infects the devices have been discovered.

To have the opportunity to enjoy the game without being eliminated within minutes, to make a prank to your friends and even as a resource to buy time to practice and improve within the competition, using aimbots is not bad.

However, for high level competitions and international tournaments, it is better to leave it aside and apply all the knowledge and skills that have been acquired over time.

Aimbots in Fortnite (2019)

Fortnite Aimbots 2

Aimbots in Fortnite [ 2019 ]

Fortnite Aimbots 2
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What can be said that has not already been said about Fortnite?

If you like video games, you surely know it, played it and know practically everything about it. But we will not take anything for granted and we will start from the beginning.

In July 2017, Epic Games released the first version of the famous Fortnite game: Save The World.

It is a battle between the survivors of the planet after a strange and sudden extinction and a kind of zombies, where the former try to kill them and save what is left of the planet so that it will be as before.

Just a few weeks after the launch the figures that were handled on sales were quite good.

But the real surprise came months later to make known the second version of the game: Fortnite Battle Royale. Exceeding all expectations and with a different theme from its previous version, managed to break all records being played by millions of people around the world at the same time.

The new version of the game is what is known as FPS or what is the same first person shooter game. In order to win you have to be the last to stand up of a total of 100 players who land on an island where they must find weapons, equipment, different objects and also build shelters.

If you wonder why he is so famous, we can tell you that the reasons can be many, among them his striking and colorful design, friendly characters who interpret funny movements and dances, strong competition in which violence is not explicit and there are no bloody scenes, added to the constant updates that the team of developers strive to incorporate and that keep the players always on the lookout.

So far we are doing very well, right? The problem for many is that due to the great competition and the amount of expert players involved, they can not advance or stay in the game for more than a few minutes.

This as you can imagine, is really frustrating and from a certain point of view even unfair, since the game is practically dominated by expert players and for beginners it becomes a very difficult way to face them.

A little help

The development of hacks for video games is quite common when they are so popular and the competition is very large.

The hacks are a kind of program or application that runs at the same time as the game in order to obtain certain benefits either in skills for characters, rewards, weapons or equipment.

There are hacks that can be downloaded for free and there are hacks to buy. The first in many cases turn out to be only scam, since what they do is direct advertising or try to obtain data for sending messages.

Now, with regard to the hacks that are bought, its creators or at least those who market them, assure that they are fully functional and that they are also undetectable.

This last condition is of utmost importance for the players since the use of hacks, although for many it is only about getting a little help, for the creators of the games as well as for other competitors, it is considered cheating.

For this reason when it is suspected that a player is using a hack is reported, if it is found that the suspicion is true your account is surely blocked either temporarily or for life.

There are those who do not care much, because in the case of fortnite because it is free to access with another account created from another direction, they solve the problem. Of course, they would lose all reputation that they have managed to achieve so far but they could play again.

Use of Aimbot in Fortnite

The term Aimbot comes from the words in English, which means to point and bot by robot. It is one of the most popular and feared hacks, since with it the elimination of enemies becomes a blink of an eye without any effort.

It is a hack that allows you to aim directly at the opponent’s head and hit. With the use of Aimbot in Fortnite all the shots you make will hit the target with what you have a clear advantage and also not waste a single bullet.

While it is one of the most useful hacks, it is also one of those that manages to detect faster because it is very unlikely that a player will hit all shots regardless of their position and condition. In addition to this, the trajectory of the bullets have the particularity that can become curved.

Maybe for many, this may go unnoticed but for experienced players it does not.

Depending on the platform in which you play you can get more or less options regarding the Aimbots for Fortnite. For PS4 and Xbox One you must have a device called Xim Apex, which allows you to use the hacks and work without any problem.

For it you will have to make some configurations and adjustments that you can find in different tutorials on the internet.

When the Xim Apex is used in a console system, the controller functions as an aimbot along with the objective function of the game. Regardless of the action that is running, whether running, jumping, swimming, etc, the aimbot will always be available.

Now, there are those who say that in the console versions of Fortnite with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 the use of aimbot is not possible.

However, another group ensures that if you are familiar with GPC scripts you can use them in combination with other special scripts to automate the controller and use both the aimbot and other hacks.

Among the tricks that can be used in the console in addition to the different configurations available for aimbot are many others such as rapid fire for primary and secondary weapons, fire moment, fast range, avoid recoil in weapons when firing, etc.

Hackers in Fortnite (2019)

Fortnite Hacks 2

Hackers in Fortnite [ 2019 ]

Fortnite Hacks 2
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Played by millions of people around the world, Fortnite is undoubtedly a phenomenon of video games. Shortly after the release of its first version Save The World, it surpassed one million sales.

Months later the second version is released: Fortnite Battle Royale, becoming the most popular videogame in all history recording a profit of more than 100 million dollars at the end of the year.

It is a free distribution game where 100 competitors face an island landing where they must find weapons, equipment, build shelters and eliminate all other players since the winner is the last one left alive.

It offers an attractive design, different scenarios and characters with certain features of cartoons that perform funny movements, including some dances that have become a trend and can be seen both in school playgrounds and at parties.

Almost two years after its launch, it has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to the effort of the developers who constantly incorporate new elements, challenges and seasons that catch the attention of the players making it practically impossible to tire of it.

As often happens when a video game becomes very popular, the competition is very strong and many players make use of the famous hacks. The hacks are small programs that allow actions that otherwise would be impossible.

This gives some advantage to those who use them and therefore are considered cheating. Both players and developers take action in this regard, the former report suspects to use them and the latter suspend accounts both temporarily and for life.

But the truth is that they are used frequently and by almost all players (although many do not recognize) either in competitions between friends, in small tournaments and even have seen cases in international meetings.

The question that should be asked is why do players use them if they run the risk of being expelled from the competition, suspended for several years and lose their reputation?

The arguments are several, the beginners say that if they do not use them they would not have the slightest chance to advance in the competition given that in many occasions expert players dominate it.

Others say that they only use them while they are acquiring skills and that the intention is that and not to cheat as many others see it.

However, there are players who seem obsessed with being the winners and use this type of resources to reach the best positions, fame and of course win whatever the cost.

When the game is between friends, the use of hacks is mostly a kind of mischief and the truth is of no importance.

Aim, hit and eliminate your enemies

Obviously, one of the skills that must be had in shooting games in the first person is knowing how to shoot. Depending on the levels of difficulty of the game, this is not so easy, much less if you are a rookie.

If we add that in online games you compete with all kinds of players, it can become a real headache to get out alive and eliminate opponents.

It is for this reason that one of the hacks most used and at the same time feared are the aimbots. With these you get hit every time you shoot and kill the enemies without much effort.

When aimbot is used it is possible to achieve a perfect aim, the shots usually go directly to the head of the opponent without it being able to anticipate.

This characteristic of the aimbots although it clearly represents an advantage must be taken care of because it raises suspicions among the other players that can report the account.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the aimbot with discretion, that is, activate and deactivate it several times in such a way that the behavior of the character looks natural, since it is very difficult for a player, however expert, to hit 100% of his shots .

To get an aimbot for Fortnite, we must take into account that there are different types of hacks, those that are for public use, that is, that can be downloaded for free and those for private use that must be purchased through a subscription.

Those for public use do not always turn out to be what players expect, since they often do not work and their true intention is only to obtain economic benefits with advertising or obtain data from players to send unwanted messages that are usually promotions. and more publicity.

On the other hand, those for private use usually offer a free trial period after which the subscription must be paid to continue enjoying the aimbot.

These types of hacks are more reliable and ensure that they can not be detected by the security mechanisms that incorporate video games.

Another important point to consider regarding the aimbots is that Fortnite is a multiplatform game so you have to find the one that corresponds to the one used.

In short, the aimbots in Fortnite are widely used but condemned resources. For some its use is fully justified before the difference between expert and novice players, for others it is cheating and it is something that should not be allowed since in addition to using external resources to gain advantage over others, the competition is damaged.

Due to the use of the aimbots as well as other hacks the creators of videogames have reported great losses and many international competitions have been ruined.

If you are going to use aimbot in Fortnite you have to know when to do it and how often. A discreet use does not have major consequences, the player avoids being sanctioned and the atmosphere of the game is not affected so much.

It is advisable to use it when it is truly necessary and not depend solely on it to win, it is also important to worry about practicing, improving and acquiring skills within the game.

Fortnite Fun for players, fortune for creators

Fortnite Aimbot 1

Fortnite Fun for players, fortune for creators

Fortnite Aimbot 1
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If success stories want to talk, one of the best examples of today is within the world of video games.

This is Fortnite, the game that will undoubtedly go down in history due to the success it achieved (and still has) a few weeks after its launch in 2017.

After several years of waiting after Epic Games announced that it was working on a new videogame, it reached the Fortnite Save The World market and shortly afterwards the launch of another free and multiplatform game mode, conquered millions of players around the world. .

Fortnite Battle Royale, inspired by another video game released that same year, exceeded all expectations and achieved a resounding success.

Versions of Fortnite

As mentioned above, Fortnite has two game modes presented during the same year (2017): Fortnite Save The World and Fortnite Battle Royale.

In the first, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where a few survivors confront the zombies that are born of terrible storms.

Players must complete a series of missions including the construction of fortresses and shields to protect themselves from the attack of the monsters and also return normality to the planet.

In the second and most popular game mode, players land on an island along with 99 other competitors. Once there they must find the weapons that are located in unknown places as well as different materials to build shelters and hide from their enemies.

At the beginning of the game you can choose if you want to play alone, with another player or in a team of up to four participants.

As the game progresses, competitors must find a way to eliminate the others since the winner of the game is the last one left alive.

Fortnite in numbers

It is possible that this little description of the game does not seem to be the great thing, but the truth is that its figures show that anyone who comes to think that, is totally wrong.

The paid version of the game just two months after its launch managed to surpass one million sales.

But to the surprise of many, the free version Fortnite Battle Royale was the one that gave its creators an estimated profit of 126 million dollars by the end of 2017, year of its launch.

Fortunately for Epic Games this figure continued to grow, ranking according to Forbes magazine for April 2018 at 296 million dollars.

The game today has more than 200 million users and is available on seven platforms: iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. All these players translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly income for their creators.

The question that perhaps many will be asking at this moment is how a free version can generate profits. The answer is that according to statistics, 7 out of 10 players invest real money to improve their warriors and get the famous battle pass.

Even, it is said that some players have invested much more money than it costs on average a video game.

By 2018, Fortnite had generated more profits than any other game in history since the video game industry was created.

Games of this type, that is, they are free but they generate money through small transactions have contributed to the growth of the sector.

How did Fortnite achieve so much success?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Fortnite is an example of a success story and it is well worth analyzing some of the aspects that allowed it to rise as a foam and, most importantly, to stay within a constantly changing field.

A product that is free and of good quality will obviously be a success. For gamers it is difficult to find something like that and in doing so, it is not surprising that they will gladly invest some money in getting improvements to increase their chances of winning the competition.

On the other hand, the design of the game is quite nice, colorful, fun and friendly which allows people accustomed to video games to be attracted to this interface.

The characters have quite nice features even with a certain air of caricature, which attracts much more to children and those who are not familiar with video games.

In addition to this, they do things that turn out to be totally different like dancing when they win. So much is the acceptance that the public has had with this type of characters that some of these dances have become viral and have gone from the game to reality.

Having the possibility to play on different platforms is another point in favor of Fortnite.

Fortnite players have no chance to get bored because updates are made very often taking into account the suggestions made by the users themselves.

In each update new elements, rewards, weapons, locations, challenges, etc. are incorporated. In addition, the limited events with which the skills of the competitors are put to the test bring excitement and freshness to the game.

As an example of what Epic Games does to keep fans entertained and always on the lookout is the announcement about the possible completion of a Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

But the best ally that the creators of Fortnite have had to boost their success have been the players themselves, who have taken it upon themselves to popularize it in different ways, including by spreading the word and using YouTube.

Ultimately, the result of the success of Fortnite is a combination of many factors but mainly a dedicated and constant work of the entire team that works every day so that the product continues to guarantee players fun, excitement and be able to continue maintaining us hooked.

The results of this effort are obvious and are rewarded with gains never before seen in the sector.