Fortnite advances and the aimbot too

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From its launch until today Fortnite can boast of being the number one shooting game, although it has had very close strong competitors still retaining its position of honor.

And is that Fortnite is much more than a group of competitors shooting incessantly. This is a whole story that has evolved over time and has been incorporating elements that keep players in expectation.

In other words, Fortnite has two aspects, one is the story of Saving the World, where survivors of a devastating storm must face a lot of monsters. It is the paid version of the game.

The other side and the most popular is the Battle Royale that can be obtained for free and in it 100 players face each other. Fortnite Battle Royale has sequences, events and changes that have made it an adventure.

 But after the immediate success of the game, the hackers got to work, so the less skilled players eager to win make use of the illegal tricks especially of the famous Fortnite Aimbot.

Evolution of the game and its hacks

The game begins in its beta phase and with little content, available for several platforms. However, its second and third season do not introduce many changes since what was sought was to stabilize the game and expand its content.

From the third season, the so-called Live Events that take place on a specific day and that in order to live them must be playing at the time they happen. Since then, the game has become much more exciting since things happen every season that change the course of history and require many more skills to move forward.

Now, the hacks, especially the Fortnite Aimbot, have been present since the beginning of the game and have been evolving almost at the same pace as him, to adapt to his changes and also overcome the increasingly sophisticated security systems.

The Fortnite Aimbot as it is well known, allows to achieve a perfect aim with which it is possible to eliminate the opposites quickly. In the beginning this hack only pointed directly at the head, so it was easily detected.

With the passage of time, this has been modified to avoid not only the security mechanisms of the game but also reduce the suspicions of the other players. However, its use can still be detected by looking at the trajectory of the bullets that usually describe a curve.

To date Fortnite reaches its tenth season, evidencing many changes since its inception, but the problem of Fortnite Aimbot and other hacks still haunts it, which many players use and that jeopardize the reputation of the game in addition to causing great economic losses.

Using Fortnite Aimbot may be more dangerous than you think

The clear advantage that is had when using Fortnite Aimbot makes many players decide to take the risk of being banned and lose all the advances they have achieved so far.

In addition to this, for players who already have a certain reputation, being discovered using any hack means losing it even if they have not had the habit of using them.

But beyond this, there is an even greater risk and is related to the security of personal data and information of the user, since many of these hacks include viruses that not only affect the equipment but also obtain personal data of the user exposing it To be a victim of fraud.

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