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May 1, 2019
May 1, 2019 admin

The long-awaited season 8 of Fortnite has already arrived, offering a pirate theme set in a tropical environment as well as new locations on the map. Also if you are able to unlock the battle pass you will have access to the new skins and gestures.

This season has incorporated many changes for all players, among which are new locations such as the Escalones Estivales and the Albufera Apacible as well as a volcano.

When there is a volcano, there is lava that, as you can imagine, can cause damage to your character and volcanic vents that allow to be propelled by the air, which is very useful for transporting to distant areas.

In the case of a pirate theme can not miss cannons that launch cannonballs but also players.

There is new group assistance that provides help to complete challenges with peers, new skins, gestures and pets.

It also offers new rewards, many of which depend if you have the battle pass.

With the free battle passes it is possible to get some of them, but only by having the battle pass it is possible to unlock another round of rewards, which in this season are more than a hundred.

Remember that the battle pass is a Premium item that to get it you must invest 950 turkeys.

To get turkeys you can perform different activities within the game but you also have the possibility to buy a pack of 1000 turkeys for 10 euros.

With the battle pass you will have access to two costumes: Black and Hybrid Patch, 10% of PE power-up that your group mates receive, 50% of PE power-up and access to more challenges.

The challenges include different types of activities and when completed, help to level up faster and get more rewards.

The challenges, rewards and passes are unlocked according to your own pace. Keep in mind that at the end of the season these values ​​are restarted.

If you win a solo game, with a partner or with a squad you can get the Umbrella of Victory that this season is a palm leaf.

Gestures of season 8

The new gestures that this season offers are five, let’s see which are according to the level:

  • Level 14, free: Gesture Hello Colleague.
  • Level 31: Gesture Conga.
  • Level 46, free: Gesture Rollazo.
  • Level 63: Gesture Ba-Na-Na.
  • Level 95: Master gesture of the hoop.

Challenges of season 8

Since the launch of season 8 of Fortnite it is possible to complete the different challenges of the game, both those of the season and those of the week.

There are two types of challenges: those that can be performed by all players whether or not they have a battle pass and those that only those who have it can do.

In this season it is possible to request help from friends to complete a challenge that is complicated, this detail is something that many players appreciate.

Black Patch Challenges

Upon obtaining the battle pass you have immediate access to Parchenegro, one of the two costumes that includes the pass. In order to unlock skin styles, an icon and a backpacker accessory, it is necessary to gain experience and complete the weekly challenges.

Challenges of Hybrid

Hybrid is the other skin of the start of the battle pass. As with Parchenegro, the weekly challenges must be completed and experience to unlock the styles, a gesture and a new peak.

Discovery challenges

The discovery challenges of the season consist of completing all the weekly challenges and later, finding and collecting stars from secret battles.

To unlock the skin of the season you have to complete 55 weekly challenges.

Weekly challenges

Next we will share some of the challenges of the first weeks with some tips to overcome them.

Challenges of Week 1

Visit all the pirate camps: The total number of pirate camps is seven. The difficulty lies in knowing where they are located as they are distributed throughout the entire map. In order for the challenge to be considered complete, you must visit them all, although you do not necessarily have to do it in the same game.

Visit a giant face in the desert, jungle, and snow: As in the previous challenge, the difficulty is finding where those three places are located near the edges of the map. The giant face of the desert is in the south of the biome next to the mountain. In the jungle, you can find it in the eastern part of the area called Escalones Estivales and that of the snow east of Aldehuela Alegre.

Use a volcanic vent in different items: To complete this challenge you should only use one volcanic vent per game. These vents are in the vicinity of the volcano but also in other places on the map.

To the north of the volcano near the edge of the island are other volcanic vents.

Challenges of Week 2

Inflicts damage to enemies with a pirate cannon: Once the cannons have been placed they must move to the battle circle. The difficulty lies in hitting with this cannon. The cannon will deal 100 damage to any target it hits.

Visit the most distant points to the north, south, east and west of the island: In this challenge it is clear what should be done, visit the points that are located further north, south, east and west of the island. In these points you will find a sign that you have to approach so that your arrival is counted.

Register a chest in locations with different names in the same game: To complete this challenge it is best to play as a team because to overcome it you have to open three chests in different locations in the same game. This is a good opportunity to make use of the assistance.

Challenges of Week 3

Record the place where the magnifying glass is located on the treasure map loading screen: At level 10 of the battle pass a cargo image will be unlocked indicating the location of the treasure. To the southwest of Polar Peak will appear the battle star just at the high point of the statue with the chests.

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