Aimbots in Fortnite [ 2019 ]

Fortnite Aimbots 2
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What can be said that has not already been said about Fortnite?

If you like video games, you surely know it, played it and know practically everything about it. But we will not take anything for granted and we will start from the beginning.

In July 2017, Epic Games released the first version of the famous Fortnite game: Save The World.

It is a battle between the survivors of the planet after a strange and sudden extinction and a kind of zombies, where the former try to kill them and save what is left of the planet so that it will be as before.

Just a few weeks after the launch the figures that were handled on sales were quite good.

But the real surprise came months later to make known the second version of the game: Fortnite Battle Royale. Exceeding all expectations and with a different theme from its previous version, managed to break all records being played by millions of people around the world at the same time.

The new version of the game is what is known as FPS or what is the same first person shooter game. In order to win you have to be the last to stand up of a total of 100 players who land on an island where they must find weapons, equipment, different objects and also build shelters.

If you wonder why he is so famous, we can tell you that the reasons can be many, among them his striking and colorful design, friendly characters who interpret funny movements and dances, strong competition in which violence is not explicit and there are no bloody scenes, added to the constant updates that the team of developers strive to incorporate and that keep the players always on the lookout.

So far we are doing very well, right? The problem for many is that due to the great competition and the amount of expert players involved, they can not advance or stay in the game for more than a few minutes.

This as you can imagine, is really frustrating and from a certain point of view even unfair, since the game is practically dominated by expert players and for beginners it becomes a very difficult way to face them.

A little help

The development of hacks for video games is quite common when they are so popular and the competition is very large.

The hacks are a kind of program or application that runs at the same time as the game in order to obtain certain benefits either in skills for characters, rewards, weapons or equipment.

There are hacks that can be downloaded for free and there are hacks to buy. The first in many cases turn out to be only scam, since what they do is direct advertising or try to obtain data for sending messages.

Now, with regard to the hacks that are bought, its creators or at least those who market them, assure that they are fully functional and that they are also undetectable.

This last condition is of utmost importance for the players since the use of hacks, although for many it is only about getting a little help, for the creators of the games as well as for other competitors, it is considered cheating.

For this reason when it is suspected that a player is using a hack is reported, if it is found that the suspicion is true your account is surely blocked either temporarily or for life.

There are those who do not care much, because in the case of fortnite because it is free to access with another account created from another direction, they solve the problem. Of course, they would lose all reputation that they have managed to achieve so far but they could play again.

Use of Aimbot in Fortnite

The term Aimbot comes from the words in English, which means to point and bot by robot. It is one of the most popular and feared hacks, since with it the elimination of enemies becomes a blink of an eye without any effort.

It is a hack that allows you to aim directly at the opponent’s head and hit. With the use of Aimbot in Fortnite all the shots you make will hit the target with what you have a clear advantage and also not waste a single bullet.

While it is one of the most useful hacks, it is also one of those that manages to detect faster because it is very unlikely that a player will hit all shots regardless of their position and condition. In addition to this, the trajectory of the bullets have the particularity that can become curved.

Maybe for many, this may go unnoticed but for experienced players it does not.

Depending on the platform in which you play you can get more or less options regarding the Aimbots for Fortnite. For PS4 and Xbox One you must have a device called Xim Apex, which allows you to use the hacks and work without any problem.

For it you will have to make some configurations and adjustments that you can find in different tutorials on the internet.

When the Xim Apex is used in a console system, the controller functions as an aimbot along with the objective function of the game. Regardless of the action that is running, whether running, jumping, swimming, etc, the aimbot will always be available.

Now, there are those who say that in the console versions of Fortnite with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 the use of aimbot is not possible.

However, another group ensures that if you are familiar with GPC scripts you can use them in combination with other special scripts to automate the controller and use both the aimbot and other hacks.

Among the tricks that can be used in the console in addition to the different configurations available for aimbot are many others such as rapid fire for primary and secondary weapons, fire moment, fast range, avoid recoil in weapons when firing, etc.

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